XV International Scientific Congress «Science. Information. Spirit»

Saint Petersburg Scientific and Research Institute of Physical Culture
Saint Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography
Company «Kirlionics Technologies International»
Company «Biotechprogress»

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July 1 - 3 Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2011

For 15 years during White nights in Saint-Petersburg the traditional meetings of scientists and investigators from all other the world have been held. Hundreds of interested people from all over the world were participating in these events exploring frontiers of science and gaining wisdom from the thinkers of the world. At the same time you have a great opportunity to present your own materials and communicate with the leading scientists and thinkers of our planet! One of the main ideas of the Congress – is to make a bridge between Western Science and Oriental Wisdom. The scientific program includes: plenary presentations, round work tables, poster presentations, seminars devoted to different areas of investigations.

Congress Venue

St. Petersburg, Russia
Metro Chernishevskaya, st. Proletarskoy Diktatury, 6 (International Centre for Business Cooperation) See map

Congress topics

Human state - investigations of human energy and psychophysiological state in the unity of body, consciousness and soul in interaction with the environment.

Sports – application of Electrophotonic Analysis method in sports, sport diet, sports for health.

Water – the special state of the matter, water properties and importance for Living on the Earth.

Noosphere – investigation of space properties.

Special attention is paid to the modern achievements in Electrophotonics based on Gas Discharge Visualization technique.

Main areas:

  • Sports;
  • Medicine;
  • Psychology;
  • Consciousness study;
  • Investigations of water, cosmetics, materials;
  • Environmental factors protection of human;
  • Influence of environmental factors on human state;
  • Geoactive zones.

Congress president

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor (Russia) 

Scientific Congress Organizing Committee

Prof. Voeikov V.L. (Russia)
Prof. Krashenyuk A.I. (Russia)

Congress languages

Russian and English

Registration Fees

Until May, 1 2011  – 300€.
After May,1 2011  – 350.


Registration form (doc)
Information letter, Advertisement information and requirements,Abstracts, papers and poster presentations requirements (pdf)

Information and contacts:  www.ktispb.ru,
e-mail: gdv@ktispb.ru
e-mail: Congress.sis@gmail.com
e-mail: evelichko-kti@yandex.ru
phone: +7-812-380-2002
phone: +7-911-936-2721

The proceedings of the Congress (book) and CD with articles will be published before the beginning of the Congress.

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