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from Kirlian effect to Gas Discharge Visualization Technique (GDV)

GDV News:

Special Spring Offer!

April,27 - May, 27 the "Biotechprogress" company provides discounts:

  • when purchasing new equipment (GDV Camera, GDV Compact, GDV Express) you get a 50% discount on software
  • when purchasing additional programs to the current software package, you get a 30% discount
  • the "Gift with a one-time purchase of four programs" promotion continues and can be combined with the above offers.

Please write info@ktispb.ru, gdv.kti@gmail.com
Call +7 (911) 132 78 31,
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +7 (911) 296 80 56

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

It’s Black Friday at "Biotechprogress"!

Dear friends!
November, 6 – 13 you can get our equipment, except additional accessories, with a 15% discount!

Please write - gdv.kti@gmail.com
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +7 (911) 296 80 56

Conditions for obtaining the most correct GDV data of the subject

Dear friends! We would like to remind you that in order to obtain the most correct GDV data of the subject, a number of conditions must be met, namely:

  • the subject must be provided with conditions of psychological and physical comfort, to exclude accidental stress (psychological, physical, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.);
  • examination of subjects, if possible, should be carried out in the morning, before breakfast and medication, or at least three hours after eating;
  • when registering GDV-grams to track the dynamics of the state of the subject for a long time, shooting should be carried out at the same time, by a permanent operator, in the same room with constant optimal indicators of temperature, humidity, gas composition of the air, supported by the operation of ventilation and heating systems ;
  • regularly calibrate the GDV device using a test object.

Good GDV-grams to you!

Capture rules

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

GDV in Science

Center for Biomedical Problems of Human Adaptation in the Arctic by the Federal Research Center "Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences" has published the scientific work of Natalia Solovyovskaya and Natalya Belisheva "Application of the method of gas discharge visualization for a comparative rapid assessment of qualitative differences in the health status of the population living in certain areas of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation"

We are also pleased to announce that Biotechprogress LLC and the Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences continue cooperation in the research field. So, in October, an Agreement on Scientific and Practical Cooperation was concluded and the company allocated GDV equipment (GDV Camera + set of attachments GDV Mini-Laboratory) to conduct a new research work on the topic: “Assessment of the possibilities and prospects for the use of the GDV method in academic fundamental and applied scientific research”.

GDV in Science


Dear Friends!

Cases of various kinds of fraud have become more frequent! We communicate with you only from email addresses: info@ktispb.ru, gdv.kti@gmail.com. Thus when you receive a letter or a message on behalf of Biotechprogress or KTI company please, be careful - check the e-mail address of the sender!

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends!

Group of companies of Biotechprogress and KTI wishes you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year! May this Christmas be filled With happiness in all that you do. And may this joy continue The whole year through.

Happy Holidays

Price-list 2022

Dear Friends!

Biotechprogress and KTI company announces new price-list, valid from January, 1, 2022.

GDV at the XVI International Conference "Neva 2021"

On September 21, the 16th international exhibition and conference on civil shipbuilding, shipping, port activities and ocean and shelf development Neva 2021 was opened at the “Expoforum” Convention and Exhibition Center.

The State University of Maritime and River Fleet named after Admiral S.O. Makarov once again became its exhibitor. On the second day of the exhibition, at the University's stand, a business meeting of representatives of the Institute of Continuing Professional Education with delegates from “Gazprom Flot” took place.

During the day, under the guidance of associate professor, Ph.D. Sergey Kozik at the GUMRF stand demonstrated the operation of the GDV Compact device to assess the functional state of the ship's crew members. The operation of the device aroused keen interest among the visitors of the exhibition, who had the opportunity to test their condition in dynamics: at the beginning of the tour of the exhibition and again after its completion. Testing of visitors made it possible to replenish the statistical base, which is the basis for the continuation of the university's scientific research.

Biotechprogress company thanks GUMRF, represented by Sergey Kozik, for long-term and close cooperation!

GDV at the XVI International Conference Neva 2021 GDV at the XVI International Conference Neva 2021

May 9

Dear Friends!

May 9 is a sacred day for the whole Russian nation. On this day we celebrate the Victory Day – the day when the enemy was completely defeated. May there be Peace in the whole world!

May 9

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends!

2020 is coming nearly to the end. It has been a really tough year for the whole of mankind. Nowadays, a usual wish of health obtains a deeper meaning. That is why we would like to wish every one of you good health! May your children, relatives and friends be healthy as well! Let your work be pleasant and successful! Let your heart be filled with joy and happiness! Let love live forever in your heart! Let all your wishes come true in 2021! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

Update "GDV Diagram" program

Dear Users!

The update for GDV Diagram program is ready for purchase. Its cost depends on the date of purchase of your software package. For more information please contact us on gdv.kti@gmail.com sending complete software key-number (DLxxxxxxxxxx)

GDV news 24.04.2020 GDV news

Addition in the "GDV Diagram" program

Dear Friends!

The Institute of Electrophotonics (Germany), headed by Vadim Saeidow, came up to us with a proposal based on the results of his long-term observations. It was found that in the GDV Diagram program it is possible to track the body's reaction to the course of colds and flu diseases.

In the data of a healthy person, the difference between the lines with filter and without filter, as a rule, is approximately the same for the right and left hands. At the same time, the activation coefficient is about 2 and higher. In the case of a cold, pneumonia or flu, 3-5 days before the onset of symptoms, the difference between the lines with filter and without filter for the left hand is reduced and for the right hand remains almost unchanged. As usual there are changes in the glow, already known to GDV users, in the organ sectors associated with the corresponding pathology.

With the onset of symptoms in the active phase of the disease, the difference between the lines with filter and without filter is minimal, or close to zero for both hands, and in some sectors the glow without filter can even exceed the glow with filter. At the same time, depending on the severity of the disease, the activation coefficient is below 2 and tends to 0.

In the process of recovery, the difference between the lines with filter and without filter begins first of all, to increase for the left hand, and with full recovery, the initial indicators are restored. The whole process, according to observations, lasts from 3 to 5 weeks. Thus, by conducting GDV analysis of the condition of patients, it is possible to observe the development of the active phase of the disease and the process of complete recovery of the patient, which is very important at the present time - the period of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

To facilitate GDV monitoring of the condition and further possible clinical studies on this topic, it was proposed to introduce coefficients into the Diagram program that take into account the relationship between the signals with the filter and without separately for the left and right hands.

In view of the foregoing, Biotechprogress company decided to add a function to the Diagram program - calculation of the activation coefficient separately for the left and right hands.

We will inform you about the date of purchase of program update - stay tuned for our news.

GDV Diagram

GDV news 23.04.2020 GDV news

GDV GEO Research 2020

Dear Friends!

After a short time, we have resumed research related to the short-term earthquake prediction. Our device, GDV GEO is installed in the Taraclia region of the Republic of Moldova, which is located in the seismically active zone of the Carpathian Mountains, Vranchea, Romania.

Almost immediately, we received very interesting data. On the graphs, we observe changes in the curve - a decrease in area and an increase in intensity, starting at approximately 6:30 in the morning of April 18. The official website of the National Institute of Earth Physics, Romania (http://www.infp.ro/index.php) provides direct information on seismic activity. On April 18 at 19:17 an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred; the other one on April 19 at 07:16 of magnitude of 3.4.

The official website of the National Institute of Earth Physics, Romania


GDV news 27.02.2020 GDV news

Example of a research of mineral water

Dear Friends, we are glad to present to your attention an example of a research of mineral water.

read more (pdf)

GDV news 01.01.2020 GDV news

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

GDV news 12.04.2019 GDV news

International Arctic Forum "Arctic - territory of dialogue"

The Fifth International Arctic Forum "Arctic - territory of dialogue" took place in St. Petersburg, on April 9-10. To the attention of guests and participants at the stand of the "Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping" was presented equipment manufactured by Biotechrogress - the GDV Camera, which aroused great interest!

We would like to express our gratitude to the "Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping" and personally to professor Sergey Kozik for his invaluable contribution to the popularization of the GDV method!

International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue International Arctic Forum Arctic - territory of dialogue

GDV news 23.11.2018 GDV news

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,

We are glad to congratulate you with the upcoming holidays! On these days even our adults' hearts are filled with the expectation of a fairy tale. At this joyous time of the year we would like to wish you an adult optimism and children's faith that everything with a chiming clock will take shape in a new and most successful way! It doesn't matter what we leave in the outgoing year: let's thank it for the good and leave bad in the past. Let's open a white, snowy, clean New Year's page and write on it everything that we want to embody in our destiny. Let the children grow up healthy and please their parents with their health. Let your work goes well and brings well-being to your home and satisfaction to your heart. Let love reigns in your soul. Let all your wishes come true in the New Year!

With best wishes of Health, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity,
Group of companies of Biotechprogress and KTI


GDV news 10.10.2018 GDV news


Dear Friends,

Group of companies of "Biotechprogress" and "KTI" took part in the First Conference "The Unknown"in Moscow, September 29-30. Participants, concentrating in their attempts and experiments to know better the world, shared their intriguing discoveries and achievements. Visitors had the opportunity to open communication on all topics of interest with people who share their views of the world.

The main topics of the Conference were:

  1. UFO (witnesses and contacts), crop circles.
  2. Hypnosis, altered state of mind, regression and progression.
  3. Out-of-body experience (Monroe Institute) and Lucid Dreams. Theory and practice.
  4. Paleo-contacts (witness and projects).
  5. Researches. Out of reality.

Director of the company Yusubov Roman presented the range of GDV equipment and shared the results of the work done on the basis of the brand-new hardware and software complex "GDV GEO". We thank the organizers of the Conference for the pleasant atmosphere and interesting reports!


GDV news 30.07.2018 GDV news


Dear Friends,

International Scientific and Practical Conference "GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects" 2018 held in July, 19-23 finished with success.

Participants of the Conference got acquainted with the latest achievements and researches in the field of the history of Kirlianography, traditional and non-traditional medicine, psychology, and environmental studies.

According to the results of the Conference a number of important agreements were signed.

By the established tradition our participants not only participated in the conference, but also visited excursions to Valaam, Kizhi and Mandrogi village.

We thank our guests for the wonderful and warm atmosphere that we could not create without their participation and look forward to meeting you all next year at the 2019 Conference.


GDV news 05.03.2018 GDV news

GDV Conference

Dear Friends,

From February 20 to February 22, the Biotechprogress company took part in a significant event in Krasnodar (Russia) - the International Scientific and Practical Conference "On the Threshold of Future Discoveries" dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the honoured Russian inventor Semyon Kirlian.

The warm atmosphere of the event, excellent reports, and interesting people allowed us to spend unforgettable days in the wonderful Kuban city of Krasnodar.

please, see here the details = = > >


GDV news 15.02.2018 GDV news

GDV Discount

Dear Friends,

In honour of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Semyon Kirlian “Biotechprogress” company makes a discount for hardware for the purchase of GDV Camera Pro, GDV Compact and GDV Pulse in the amount of 30%. First 12 buyers also get an additional software program, on the choice, for free!

This offer is available within February, 15 – March, 15, 2018.

Take the opportunity to participate in the action!
The number of devices of the offer is limited.

GDV Conference

Group of companies of «Biotechprogress» and
«Kirlionics Technologies International»
invites you to participate in the

International scientific and practical Conference
«GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.»

Russia, St. Petersburg, July 19– 23, 2018

GDV news 29.12.2017 GDV news

GDV news 14.12.2017 GDV news

GDV news 06.12.2017 GDV news

GDV Literature

Dear Friends!

Please meet a new book on GDV now in Spanish -
"GDV Analisis Electrofotonic"

For purchase please apply to Kuzmina Lyudmyla - contacto@gdvargentina.com


GDV news 06.11.2017 GDV news

GDV Events

Dear Friends,

October, 12-15, 2017 Biotechprogress company took part in the International Congress "The Possibilities of Psychotherapy, Psychology and Counseling in Preserving and Developing the Health and Wellbeing of Man, Family, Society", Moscow, organized by the Public Professional Psychotherapeutic League.

Within the framework of the Congress, at the Symposium "Integrative Processes in Psychotherapy, Practical Psychology and Counseling, Integrative Polymodal Psychotherapy," Yanovskaya Elena presented her report with great success.

GDV news 20.05.2017 GDV news

Opportunities and Prospects"

Dear Friends,

International Scientific and Practical Conference "GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects" 2017 finished with success. We have discussed serious scientific topics and have made research unions.

The Conference took place on board of the comfortable cruise ship ST Peter Line “Princess Anastasia”. The route of the liner passed through the Baltic countries: Russia (St. Petersburg) - Finland (Helsinki) - Estonia (Tallinn) - Sweden (Stockholm) - Russia (St. Petersburg).

Participants of the Conference not only took part in its sessions, but also had a possibility to visit the capitals of Baltic countries for sightseeing.

The materials of the conference are published in the printed collection of abstracts and in the electronic collection of articles.

“Biotechprogress” company thanks everyone for active participation in the conference and invites you to the next one, which will take place on the ship on the route "St. Petersburg - Valaam - Kizhi - Mandrogi - Petrozavodsk". The preliminary date of the conference is July, 16 - 20, 2018.

We look forward to seeing you at the next conference!


GDV news 28.02.2017 GDV news


Dear Friends,

The preliminary program of the conference "GDV Technologies: Opportunities and Prospects" May 14-18, 2017 can be found here - >>

GDV news 28.02.2017 GDV news


Dear Friends,

We are hastening to share the good news.

In the Czech Republic started manufacturing and sales of GDV equipment. The company “Prague ALFA-MED”, our full representative, has certified on the territory of European market a GDV device, which got the name "Aureola® S".

During International scientific and practical Conference “GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects”, which will be held onboard of the cruise ship “Princess Anastasia” in May, will be a master class on peculiarities of operating and work of the new device "Aureola® S".

GDV news 27.01.2017 GDV news

GDV Pulse

Dear Friends,

Sale of "GDV Pulse" on the promotional prices is prolonged until May, 31. Price will be raised after the master class, which will be held at the conference "GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects " 2017.

Information about "GDV Pulse" device you can see here -->

GDV news 27.01.2017 GDV news

The hardware and software complex “GDV Geo”

Dear Friends,

We are glad to announce that “Biotechprogress” company created a hardware and software complex “GDV Geo”, used for a short-term prediction of earthquakes.

Presentation and sales of this hardware and software complex will take place at the annual International scientific and practical Conference “GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects”, on board of the comfortable cruise ship ST Peter Line "Princess Anastasia" in May, 14-18, 2017

GDV news 23.12.2016 GDV news

GDV news 02.12.2016 GDV news

Group of companies of Biotechprogress and KTI
congratulates you with the upcoming New Year
and is glad to please you with interesting festive gifts!

December, 1 – December, 30

  • With the purchase of GDV Compact you get a measuring electrode Sputnik 1, used for environmental studies, or a liquids measuring device as a gift

  • With the purchase of GDV Camera Pro you can get either a 10% discount for the device or a notebook (based on Windows 10) as a gift

  • With the purchase of GDV Express you get a notebook (based on Windows 10) plus one software program on your choice as a gift

With the wishes of health and happiness,

Biotechprogress and KTI team

GDV news 25.11.2016 GDV news

ProPulse - 2016

In Belgrade, Serbia has just successfully held The First International Forum «PROPULSE – 2016».

During November, 18-21 participants of the Forum has known a lot of new information about VedaPulse technology. Elena Yanovskaya, our expert has presented lectures on GDV method as well as our co-operative project – “GDV Pulse” device. Being a new method for this audience, GDV method caused a vivid interest. The possibility of combining of these two excellent methods as GDV and VedaPuls has given to many participants a new vision of implementation of these technologies and  their usage in the life.

“Biotechprogress” company congratulates “Biokvant” company with a great start of such a great event. Presence at the forum representatives of 18 countries of the world gives us a hope that this Forum will become a tradition.

GDV news 09.11.2016 GDV news

The First International Forum "ProPulse - 2016"
in Belgrade, Serbia

The First International Forum "ProPulse - 2016" with the presentation of new product "GDV pulse!"
November, 18-21, 2016
Belgrade, Serbia

We are glad to invite you to take part in the Forum “ProPulse - 2016” and to become a member of the international society VedaPulse. You will also get acquainted with the equipment which combines GDV method and pulse diagnostics.

You will have:

Specialized lectures in the course of all 4 days of the Forum, on traditional medicine and learning the basics of pulse diagnosis by palpation. 
Intercourse with specialists in traditional medicine from all over the world, including the analysis of interesting clinical cases. 
Practical work with the up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic appliances for the traditional medicine specialists. 
The expert of the Forum in GDV method – the leading specialist, vice-director of Biotechprogress LLC Yanovskaya Elena.
The expert of the Forum in the pulse diagnosis – the leading developer of the VedaPulse technology, chief executive of “National Ayurvedic Medical Association”, doctor of medicine, Sorokin Oleg.
Join the community of GDV and VedaPulse professionals!
Cost: 250 EUR
Place: “Moskva Belgrade” hotel Balkanskaya 1, Old city.

more details here > >

GDV news 27.09.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

We are glad to inform you that our device "GDV Compact" was awarded the Gold Medal in the category of "The goods of industrial use" on the specialized inter-regional exhibition "World of Medicine 2016. Health and Beauty" The exhibition was held in Khabarovsk (Russia) from 22 to 25 September, 2016.

With all our heart we congratulate our representative Elena Kozlova with such a great success and wish her further development and prosperity!

GDV news 20.09.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

KTI and Biotechprogress Group invite you to a conference on GDV Technologies "The practice of GDV Technologies" October 21 - 23 2016.

Join us in New York with GDV World Expert Elena Yanovskaya, an assistant Director of KTI, Russia and Natalina Khavkin, certified by KTI as a Master Instructor and Expert in GDV Analysis.
The workshop will be held in New York, USA.

The seminar program will include GDV technology and new incites of Kilian diagnostics read more - - >

The practice of GDV Technologies

GDV news 14.07.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

We are glad to announce the schedule of Seminars on GDV Technologies for the second half year of 2016.
For details regarding cost and registration please contact our managers:


+7 911 132-7865
+7 812 380-2002

Please, see here the details - ->>

GDV news 21.06.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

In connection with the 20-th anniversary of the Congress "Science. Information. Spirit." we announce 10 % discount for the purchase of GDV equipment. The offer is available from June, 20 to July, 20, 2016


GDV news 20.06.2016 GDV news

At the 31 ISTA Congress, which took place in Estonia, Tallinn,  June, 15-17, 2016 was presented a report of Arkhipov M., Priyatkin N. and co-authors,  members of the Agrophysical Institute “Introscopic  techniques to identify defects of grain and forestry seeds caused by various  environmental effects”.

Among  introscopic methods for the first time there was presented Gas Discharge Visualization method, as an effective instrument for identification of empty seeds and study of the their growth potential.

Details of the report here - - - >


GDV news 18.06.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

Biotechprogress LLC has received the Certificate of official registration of "GDV Motivation" software program. Our managers are ready to give you full information regarding opportunities of the new program.

GDV news 24.05.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

With the great success has finished International Scientific and Practical Conference "GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects"! The Conference was held on a comfortable four-level boat “St.Petersburg” from St.Petrsburg to Mandrogi, Valaam and back.

Participants of the Conference represented 29 cities of 8 countries. They have heard scientific reports on the different spheres of usage of GDV technology. In the framework of the Conference there was held exhibition and demonstration of GDV equipment and GDV literature.

On the new device “GDV Pulse”, developed by the “Biotechprogress” and “Biokavnt” companies there was held a master-class by the candidate of medical science Sorokin Oleg.

During the whole work of the Conference, every morning, our participants were practicing yoga under the leadership of the Sokovikov Vladimir, the president of the Healthy Lifestyle Club “Nature and Person”.

There was also held a round-table discussion on different questions of GDV development and were took the following decisions:

  • To create one single bibliographic database of materials on GDV method;

  • To Organize Academic Council on the GDV method, whose functions will include the authors’ advice on writing and design of scientific papers, stimulation and helping authors to create new GDV techniques; organization of scientific conferences and seminars.

At the end of the Conference it was decided to hold the next conference in May or June of 2017.

Following the conference, a number of agreements were signed with international partners.

In addition, participants of the conference visited the most beautiful and interesting places of Leningrad’s region and Republic of Karelia, by visiting excursions of Valaam’s monastery and listening to the concert of balalaika during the picnic in the Mandrogi village.

We remind you that every participant of the Conference gets a 20% discount, which is valid up to June, 15, on purchasing of GDV hardware and software, produced by “Biotechprogress” company.


GDV news 15.04.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends,

Group of companies of “Kirlionics Technologies International” and “Biotechprogress” invite you to participate in the International scientific and practical Conference “GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.” Russia, St. Petersburg, May 20 - 23 2016

The venue of the conference is a four-level cruise ship “St. Petersburg”.

Conference is devoted to GDV equipment by Biotechprogress.

Participants get a unique opportunity to reconcile an interesting scientific conference with a fascinating journey from St. Petersburg to Mandrogi village, Valaam Island and back. You will be able to visit Monastery of Valaam, a sacred place situated on an island in Ladoga Lake, have a picnic in Mandrogi village and enjoy very picturesque views. The region is known as an ecologically clean place with beautiful nature.

See more details here>>

GDV news 22.01.2016 GDV news

Dear Friends!
We are hasten to share with you the news - "Biotechprogress" company has released a new program - "GDV Motivation".
The program enables to estimate person's priorities, to define his psychological demands, problems and crucial situations.
The program is based on the data received with the help of "GDV Diagram" and "GDV Virtual Chakra".
The cost of "GDV Motivation" is 610 Euro. For our users of "GDV Virtual Chakra" we give a 50% discount for purchase of new software program "GDV Motivation". The discount is available until February, 29, 2016.

GDV Motivation

GDV news 24.12.2015 GDV news

GDV news 12.12.2015 GDV news

Dear Friends,

Group of companies of KTI and Biotechprogress
is glad to congratulate you with the upcoming winter holidays and hasten to please you with
Christmas and New Year’s discounts!

Detailed information regarding discounts you will find at our official web-page - http://ktispb.ru/en/sale.htm

With warm wishes of  health and happiness,

KTI and Biotechprogress companies.


GDV news 15.09.2015 GDV news

GDV Workshop: 2015 Fall Intensive

Dear Friends,

We invite you to a workshop on the GDV technology. The workshop will be held in the United States from 9 to 11 October. Workshop holds LLC GDVsource with support Biotechprogress.

See more details here=»

GDV news 08.08.2015 GDV news

GDV Workshop

Dear Friends,

On June 30 - July 3 an annual International Training Workshop “GDV Technologies” was held. At the Workshop the participants got familiar with modern methods of working with GDV equipment, new GDV developments and new GDW software programs.
A new format of GDV training: with a lot of practice and final testing in the form of a game,was successfully implemented!

See more photos here=»

GDV news 03.08.2015 GDV news

GDV Collaboration

Dear Friends,

Group of companies "KTI" and "Biotechprogress" conducted successful talks with companies from the Republic of Slovakia and the Republic of Kazakhstan in July. Companies from these countries in the near future will be our representatives, after the training of specialists on the GDV Technology and signing contracts.

GDV news 10.07.2015 GDV news

GDV Presentations

Dear Friends!

We are very glad to share with you with the presentation about our brand-new-successful research of the early earthquake's prediction. It was presented by Roman Yusubov, director general of group of companies of "Biotechprogress" and "KTI" at the XIX-th Congress "Science. Information. Spirit". We are the first who successfully used GDV technique for earthquake's prediction! We are planning to continue this research for creating a special hardware/software complex.

Download this presentation =»

Watch this video on our YouTube channel=»

GDV news 13.04.2015 GDV news

Invitation to the annual GDV Workshop

Dear Friends,

This year the Workshop will be held before the Congress: from June 30 to July 3. A new format of GDV training is planned: with a lot of practice and final testing in the form of a game. 

By holding the Workshop before the Congress you will be able to get more impressions from the famous White Nights of Saint Petersburg, to enjoy fine weather and to discuss the information obtained at the seminar with your colleagues at the Congress. You will have more time for taking decisions on buying new GDV equipment and software with a discount. 

We will be glad to welcome you!

You can learn more details or apply for participation on:

Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 380-20-02, mobile: +7 (911) 132-78-31
e-mail: gdv.kti@gmail.com

annual GDV Workshop

GDV news 12.02.2015 GDV news

Invitation to the annual XIX Congress

Dear Friends,
This year the Congress will be held from July 4 to 5 in Saint Petersburg.  You can learn more details or apply for participation on:


We will be glad to welcome you!

GDV news 13.04.2015 GDV news

International Yoga Day Festival

Dear Friends,

We invite you to participate at the International Yoga Day Festival, which will take place in St. Petersburg 20-21 June 2015!

At the festival we want to stretch the boundaries and to present not only the Classical Yoga practice, but also other physical and spiritual world traditions. Modern authors yoga systems, Gurdjieff Sacred movements, Tibetan shamanism, early Natya Yoga and qigong – all these are International Yoga Day Festival.

Over 20 teachers from India, USA, Europe and Russia will hold the classes of:

  • physical and breathing exercises, concentration and meditation classes
  • Satsang
  • lectures and conversations on various themes (about yoga, spiritual and evolutional human development, Vedanta and philosophy, beauty and health)
  • different massage techniques, yoga-, aroma- and soundtheraphy
  • collective action of 108 rounds complex Surya Namaskar (also known as Sun Salutation)

And much more!..

International Yoga Day Festival


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